Steam Deck support improvements are coming, but delayed

Hey everyone, just a quick note about the Steam Deck release and RimWorld.

RimWorld works on Steam Deck as it is now, but there are a number of UI issues and some general jankiness we intend to solve with an update.

Our developer who was working on this lives in Ukraine. After delays getting the Deck to him, the current situation there means he won't be making progress any time soon.

Our tech lead Piotr Walczak is taking over Steam Deck integration efforts. However, we probably won't have an integration patch out until after the Deck is released.

To those of you excited to play RW on the Deck - We are excited too! Please look forward to updates that should solve issues you might find. If you can, consider waiting for the update before you dive in. We want the experience to be as great as possible and we're …

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