Update 1.3.3200 improves defense tools and raid strategies

Hey everyone - here's a new update for RimWorld for all of you!

This wide-ranging update makes a variety of improvements - see the full changelog below.

One critical adjustment is in the proportion of different raid strategies. Previously, mechanoids were using breach raids far too often. I've been seeing feedback about this for a while, so in previous updates we did make some analysis tools and I tried to adjust things to solve it. Unfortunately, I missed the true issue and the problem persisted. After some recent feedback from Reddit, we made some more analysis tools to figure out what's going on, I was shocked to discover how out of whack the numbers were. I'm not sure how I missed this before, but the game wasn't acting anything like I intended. Please accept my apology for not fixing this earlier.

With this update, breach raids are now present …

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