Update 1.3.3326 brings full support for Steam Deck

Hello everyone!

It’s Tia - I’m back with update 1.3.3326 which brings full support for RimWorld on Steam Deck!

Before I get into the update, I wanted to share that our developer who was living in Ukraine is now safe in Germany. He’s staying with one of our former team members and we're doing what we can to help him get set up there. Thank you for all the kind comments and for thinking of our team. 💛

Today’s update makes the Deck controls more intuitive, refines the touchscreen interface, improves the UI and keyboard, and adds an easy way to access the Deck's controller config options.

The Steam Deck requires that we use a new version of the Steamworks API which breaks compatibility with a few mods. To prevent breakages, three weeks ago, we released a public beta to give modders time to update, and we personally reached out …

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