Biotech expansion announced! Update 1.4 on unstable branch

RimWorld’s third expansion, RimWorld - Biotech is coming out in a few weeks!

We’re also making the free base game 1.4 update available now for play on the unstable Steam branch. More details about that near the bottom of this post. EDIT: To be clear, the unstable branch only has base game content. Biotech is coming out soon, but isn't available yet.

This post will:
  • Describe Biotech's features
  • Present Tynan’s thoughts on why he decided to make Biotech as it is
  • Go over new features in the free 1.4 update
You can wishlist RimWorld - Biotech now!
About Biotech
Biotech is focused around three major features:
  • Control mechanoids, including many new mechanoid types, by making your colonist into a mechanitor
  • Raise babies and children. Reproduce and create families - by both natural and artificial means
  • Genetically-modify children and adults, and interact with …

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