Update 1.3.3287 makes ideoligions smoother to play

Hey everyone, it's time for another update!

This update fixes a variety of bugs and includes a number of changes that should make the ideoligions system less restrictive and more flexible.

Key among those is a new way to play with Ideology content active, but without actually running the ideology system. The ideology system is great for players who want to do something different, but it could be overwhelming for someone on their first game or who just wants to relax. This new option allows running the game without the complexity of the ideologion system, but with almost all the Ideology content active, including the biosculpters, ancient complex quests, Gauranlen trees, public executions, and more. (Some buildings like skullspikes and loudspeakers are still buildable despite not doing much without ideoligions active - they make nice visual flair if you want them.)

We've also reworked how a few pieces of Ideology …

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