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600 days of postmarketOS  

Where Have You Been?

postmarketOS is aiming for a ten year life-cycle for smartphones, see the all new front page for a short introduction if you are new around here. Today we'll cover what happened during the second half of 2018. Many have been wondering where we've been and why it took us so long to write a real update ...
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PostmarketOS at Akademy 2018  

Two weeks ago was Akademy 2018, KDE's yearly gathering to talk about and develop all things KDE. Since Plasma Mobile (which we have packaged) was of course also represented, a few members of the postmarketOS team decided to attend and meet each other for the first time! @ollieparanoid even took it upon himself to hold a talk ...

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One Year of postmarketOS: Mainline Calling!  

postmarketOS: Experimental Sustainable Operating System

Wow, so it has been one full year since the public announcement of postmarketOS, and what a year it has been! During this time the project has grown beyond our wildest dreams; dozens of contributors making a wide variety of contributions, friendships made, bragging rights established (and lost, and re-established), Doom running on things it ...

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PostmarketOS Low-Level: Tiny Steps Towards Liberating Bootloaders and Cellular Modem Firmware of MediaTek Phones  

Introducing #postmarketOS-lowlevel

As a community project, and one that encourages contributors to work on what they like, we have attracted people with a broad range of interests and skill levels. Recently a small hacking group #postmarketOS-lowlevel has emerged, and its masterminds @McBitter and @unrznbl are eager to introduce you to the madness that awaits when digging deeper and deeper ...
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Why supporting the Librem Phone crowdfunding campaign helps postmarketOS (and friends)  

Proprietary components make smartphones insecure for the masses

Whenever you buy any smartphone, you get a device full of proprietary components. These are integrated so deeply with each other that they can access everything on your phone, such as the camera, microphone, browser history and chat messages. Since these components are proprietary, they've been designed to make it impossible for ...

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100 days of postmarketOS  

Sustainable Approach For Linux on Phones

We are building an alternative to Android and other mobile operating systems by not forking but bending the time-proven Alpine Linux distribution to fit our purpose. Instead of using Android's build process, we build small software packages that can be installed with Alpine's package manager. To minimize the amount of effort for maintenance, we ...

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PostmarketOS at FOSDEM 2019  

Last weekend was FOSDEM 2019, Europe's biggest event for open-source and free software developers to meet, share ideas and collaborate. A few postmarketOS developers and community members attended, as well as several other Linux phone project members. Of course, besides just walking around and attending several interesting talks, we also took this opportunity to do some work!

The PINE64 ...

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Two years of postmarketOS  

Our Journey Towards a Sustainable Mobile OS

Wouldn't it be great if you could take any obsolete smartphone from the past ten years and replace its outdated and insecure software with a maintained, modular free software stack? How about then using it as a Raspberry Pi-like device for your next tinkering project? With some constraints, postmarketOS makes this possible today ...
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Price increase. Yay!  

Comrades! Did you expect that the release of the new chapters will be on September 5? Well, don’t. We’re shifting it to September 3. Inconsistency is a sign of genius, or someone just spoiled our release date with their major release.

In any case, this news is not exactly about the release date. As we reported earlier, there will be ...
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Debian 10 "Buster" arrivera début juillet  

Les responsables de The Debian Project viennent de l'annoncer : si tout se déroule comme prévu dans les semaines qui viennent, alors Debian 10.0 devrait faire ses débuts officiels le 6 juillet 2019.
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How to Update Your macOS Mojave in VirtualBox to the Latest Versions  

Sometimes upgrading to your Mac OS to the latest version can seem stressful and can take up valuable time; however, it is essential to always keep your system up to date. The main reason for this is security, with each update of each instalment of macOS that comes out comes security upgrades that are necessary […]

The post How to ...

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Tales of the Neon Sea : Le Point 'n Click inspiré par Blade Runner et Ghost in the Shell daté  

Brièvement aperçu derrière un rideau lors de la Gamescom 2018, Tales of the Neon Sea nous revient en meilleure forme pour annoncer sa date de sortie printanière grâce à un trailer faisant la part...
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