Hi everyone, it’s Tia. We’ve released our Steam Deck update 1.3.3300 as a beta branch on Steam.
This update has full support for Steam Deck!

However, for that to work it has to use a new version of the Steamworks API, which will break mods that access Steamworks.

If you’re working on a mod that accesses Steamworks, please prepare to …
7 years ago Cities: Skylines was released and to celebrate we have a little something for you! Check out what's included below.

Cities: Skylines base game:
  • New Chirper Balloon Tours building
  • New Chirper Hot Air Balloon
  • New birthday-related Chirper hat
  • New birthday-related chirps

Airports expansion:
  • Fixed: Blimp & Helicopter stops "jitter" when attempting to place them
  • Fixed: Wrong trucks spawning …