Plazas & Promenades Expansion is NOW AVAILABLE! 🏗️

Build your own unique walkable cities and say hello to pedestrian streets, car-free areas & modern plazas. Let your citizens walk freely on pedestrian-only streets while you build brand new city-service buildings and 3 new special districts.🌆

Get excited for the brand-new wall-to-wall specialization and a whole collection of new buildings, assets …
Hello again city-builders! Plazas and Promenades is almost here, and I’m so excited that you will soon be able to enjoy it. As with every major expansion, we have a little something for all players who own the base game, and today’s Dev Diary is all about the free content!

Let’s start with a convenient new feature, Quit After Saving …
Greetings city-builders, and welcome to the fourth Dev Diary covering Plazas and Promenades. Today’s dev diary is all about the new district specializations and new maps, so let’s check them out.

First up we have the three new Wall-to-wall specializations that can be used for residential, commercial, and office zones. They unlock at Milestone 6 - Big Town, along with …
Alright mayors, it’s time for another Dev Diary as we count down to the release of Plazas and Promenades. Today is all about the new plazas & high capacity service buildings coming in this expansion, so let’s get to it.

Plazas and Promenades adds 10 new plazas, which can be found in the Pedestrian Areas menu under Parks & …
Welcome back mayors, to the second Plazas and Promenades Dev Diary! Today we explore the details of how to manage pedestrian areas, what progression looks like for them, and what an area focus is. So get comfortable and let’s get started.

The key to a successful pedestrian area is managing the service points and keeping citizens happy and entertained. As …
Greetings mayors, and welcome to another set of Dev Diaries! Are you excited about Cities: Skylines Plazas and Promenades? Over the course of the next two weeks, I will walk you through all the new content from pedestrian areas and streets to new specializations and service buildings - and plazas of course! And without further ado, let’s have a look …

Coming soon to PC & Console - Cities: Skylines newest expansion, Plazas & Promenades introduces Pedestrian Zones, Specialized Districts & Service Buildings. Say hello to pedestrian streets, car-free areas, and modern plazas and let your citizens walk freely on pedestrian-only streets while you build brand new city-service buildings and 3 new special districts.🌆
City Builders,
Global Build-Off is back and ready for take-off!
With two rounds of the competition, we invite you all to share with us your best work in Cities: Skylines to secure your place in the main competition where you will be pitted against some of our favourite content creators!

Submit your creation before March 23rd, 2021, 10pm CET for …
7 years ago Cities: Skylines was released and to celebrate we have a little something for you! Check out what's included below.

Cities: Skylines base game:
  • New Chirper Balloon Tours building
  • New Chirper Hot Air Balloon
  • New birthday-related Chirper hat
  • New birthday-related chirps

Airports expansion:
  • Fixed: Blimp & Helicopter stops "jitter" when attempting to place them
  • Fixed: Wrong trucks spawning …
An important message from the Cities: Skylines team,

We have an amazing modding community and greatly appreciate the dedication and helpful nature that’s been at the center of it for 7 years. Recently, there have been concerns in the community about reports of malware on the Steam workshop, which we want to address.

We recently banned a few mods from …
Hey there everyone!

Thank you for the reports on the random Service Vehicle Selection tool causing an error. We're currently working on a fix and aim for a hotfix patch next week.

We appreciate your patience while we work on fixing this and thank you so much for your understanding!
Hi all! Today we have a post-release patch for you with a number of fixes.

Patch 1.14.0-f8
  • Fixed MrMaison being translated to SrCasa in Portugese
  • Fixed: Simulation slows down/stuttering with more taxiways
  • Fixed: Planes take off vertically in some cases
  • Stopped a random number from being shown in edge cases in airport panel
  • Small visual tweak for DLC taxiways meeting …

Ladies and gentlemen,

Welcome to Chirper Airlines, we have successfully taken off. You can now take off your seatbelt, adjust your seats and enjoy the latest Cities: Skylines Airports Expansion!

Upon landing at our destination you will be able to explore some wonderful locations with the Map Pack Content Creator Pack by Sanctum Gamer

And enjoy test driving …
Hey city builders!

As we prepare for the release of the Airports - the new expansion for Cities: Skylines, we will be updating the System Requirements to play Cities: Skylines here on Steam. 

This updated information does not imply any specific changes happening with this particular release; instead, we are making this update to reflect seven years of development on …
Hello to all my fellow city-builders! True to tradition every new expansion comes with a free patch full of goodies for everyone, and this one is no exception. Following the theme of creative freedom and customization, we have a few new features for you, as well as an update to how planes behave. So let’s dive in!

Improvements to PlaneAI …
Greetings city-builders! Are you ready for another Dev Diary? This one is loaded with goodies and stocked full of information about Cargo Airport Services!

When your airport reaches level 3 you unlock the Cargo Airport buildings and roads, which include the Cargo Airport Terminal, Cargo Aircraft Stand, Medium and Large Cargo Airport Roads, and the Airport Cargo Train Station. In …
Good afternoon passengers, and welcome aboard this Dev Diary headed for the creation of your very own City Airline. The team has prepared a handful of refreshing screenshots for you today, which can be found throughout this post.

At level 3 your airport has become significant enough to be the base of operations for an airline. With the Airline Headquarters …