Hey everyone! We're excited to announce a limited edition game bundle between RimWorld and Medieval Dynasty running from Feb 15-Feb 22.

Get 20% off when you buy the game bundle, or 20% off the game you don't own to complete the set!


Survive through time! Begin in the Middle Ages and endure hard yet wonderful times, then continue your …
Tis the season to be merry!
We had a great 2023 together with you guys! Thank you for sharing your love for what we've all created. We see your mods, art, writing, videos, screenshots, Reddit posts, lore analyses, bug reports, comments, suggestions, Steam reviews, memes... all of it!

In 2023, we released our first ever official plushie (the Thrumbo), the …
Hey everyone. RimWorld turned ten years old on November 4, 2023, and it's just in time for the 2023 Steam Awards. You can nominate RimWorld under the "Labor of Love" category!

It's been ten years of content from the Kickstarter, alpha, beta, and Steam greenlight days, plus game updates, lore, fanart, videos, streams, memes, Royalty, Ideology, Biotech, Steam Deck, console …
[EDIT] The Makeship campaign has ended! Thank you to all of our supporters!

Hello! We just launched these adorable plush thrumbos on Makeship! They're delightfully fluffy and only available for a limited time - the campaign ends May 17. (They're also our very first official RimWorld merch.)

UPDATE: We've extended our Thrumbo campaign to June 1, 2023! Thank you so …
Hello hello! There's a little update today that fixes a bug where colonist assignments were removed when you entered a caravan, plus some other useful changes. :)

Changelog is below! And if you encounter a bug, please share it over on our Official RimWorld Development Discord.

Cheers! - Tia

- Clarify that pawns with no xenogenes cannot implant …
Spring is here, so we’re springing into action with a (small) update of fixes for RimWorld and its expansions.

The changelog is below, but here are the highlights! We fixed an issue where captured prisoners were escaping from your caravans and another issue where siblings became unrelated to each other if their parents were removed from the game.

If you …
Hello everyone, Tynan here.

Good news today: We're reducing prices for RimWorld and its expansions in multiple non-USD currencies.

The prices were already below Valve's recommended prices in most cases (you can see the discounts here). This price reduction will increase the discount even further.

The price reductions range from 3% to 15% and affect 7 different currencies. For …
Hi again, just dropping by with another small update. We addressed some issues with Biotech and fixed a UI scaling issue that occurred when players had DSR enabled. (UI was way too big!). The changelog is below for you to read.

The update is small and should be compatible with all RimWorld savegames and mods.

Just a reminder that you …